Accelerating transformation,
aligning with Abu Dhabi's vision

Established in Abu Dhabi in 2018, ADQ is one of the region's largest holding companies with direct and indirect investments in more than 90 companies. Its portfolio of major enterprises span key sectors across Abu Dhabi's economy, including food and agriculture, aviation, financial services, healthcare, industries, logistics, media, real estate, tourism and hospitality, transport and utilities.

As a strategic partner of the Government, ADQ is committed to accelerating the transformation of the emirate into a globally competitive and knowledge-based economy. It is both an asset owner and investor in target sectors, locally and internationally, which align with Abu Dhabi leadership's vision.

Our Mandate

ADQ is a holding company with a broad portfolio of major enterprises, spanning key sectors of Abu Dhabi's diversified economy.

By embedding a performance culture across our portfolio of companies, we will ensure their long-term viability and sustainable financial performance. This enables us to develop and support strategically important sector clusters, drive value creation, and ultimately help to build a prosperous, advanced and diversified economy for the benefit of Abu Dhabi and its people. In addition, we will seek global investment opportunities that deliver positive returns.


We embed a performance culture across our portfolio of companies, ensuring their long-term financial viability and sustainability, ultimately creating value for Abu Dhabi's future.


We seek to harness and enhance the value and diversity of our investment portfolio to drive Abu Dhabi's economic growth and prosperity.

We are enablers - of innovation, ambition and performance - working across and together with our portfolio of companies, so that we can make an even greater contribution to Abu Dhabi.